Sizzlin' Artist


Toronto is slowly starting to challenge Atlanta for the title of being the number one hotbed of hip-hop newest stars with both cities producing the latest crazes in the genre seemingly overnight time after time and it seem like "The 6ix"... for the full story click on KILLY's picture.

Track of the Week

MFn Melo - Seeing Faces

Only a few days after finishing up tour with his PIVOT brethren, MFn Melo decides to release his first solo track in a little bit over a year. The lack of music being pushed out isn't due to spending time being idle, I would probably find it hard to put out new music if I was... for the full story click on Melo's picture.

EarlyBBQ Meets Blac Papi

Derez Deshon - "Hardaway"


Candy For Breakfast


“How I'm Feeling"