Sizzlin' Artist

Yung Baby Tate

Starpower is something you can't force, no amount of chest-thumping or fake bravado will you give it to you. You either you have it or you don't and Yung Baby Tate surely has it. After splashing onto the scene a few years back when she released ROYGBIV EP which... for the full story click on Yung Baby Tate's picture.

Track of the Week

MFn Melo - Seeing Faces

Only a few days after finishing up tour with his PIVOT brethren, MFn Melo decides to release his first solo track in a little bit over a year. The lack of music being pushed out isn't due to spending time being idle, I would probably find it hard to put out new music if I was... for the full story click on Melo's picture.

Video Of The Week

Derez Deshon - "Hardaway"


Candy For Breakfast

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