How does one go from washing dishes and working at Finish Line to being one of rap hottest commodities? Ask Sarasota, Florida native Lucius Bonner better known by his stage name Swag Hollywood. Before moving to Atlanta to pursue his music full-time, Swag gained recognition when he dropped “Swoolin With The Loot” back in 2015. Since then he’s been perfecting his melodic rap-sing blend and feel-good song making ability to take his music to another level.

swag hollywood - sizzlin artist for april - earlybbq

Recently, Swag Hollywood connected with producer Richie Souf for a collaborative project between the two titled ” Swoolin Souf”. Hollywood first time on Souf’s production was for a Rome Fortune track titled “10 Steps Ahead”, shortly after that Souf sent him the beat for “Lil’ Moe” and the rest was history.

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