EarlyBBQ’s Sizzlin Artist For August ’17 – Saturn, Alexander

New Jersey has always had a deeply creative and energetic music scene dating back to the 90’s & 00’s when the Garden State pushed out iconic figures such as Redman, Naughty by Nature, the Fugees, Joe Budden, & Queen Latifah. There’s no denying that Jersey has produced some serious rap talent over the years, whether people realize it or not but what about the current climate of NJ hip-hop and who is flying the flag properly for the rest of the world to see? Well, the answer you get will vary depending on if you’re in North, Central, South, or near the Shore but one of the voices that has our full attention is Saturn, Alexander.

saturn alexander - sizart - feat - earlybbq

Saturn, Alexander is as Jersey as anyone can be, you can hear it when she speaks and it’s even more evident in the production she selects. With her house music influenced sound and a slick delivery Saturn, Alexander unleashed a banger with the female anthem “Don’t” that caught the attention of masses in her region and afar.

saturn alexander - sizart 3 - earlybbq

On her excellent recently released project, “Truth Is, I’m Always Annoyed“, she puts her range on full display as no two songs are alike production-wise, yet she is able to ride each beat effortlessly while showing she’s a true rap artisan using her clever lyricism from track to track.

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