Like Father, Like Son…..w/ KAI (aka ReflectUponThis)


Making his EarlyBBQ introduction, Hakizimana Recordz artist KAI aka ReflectionUponThis dropped off Eso Espero. The Sophia Ixchel Zuniga dedicated single is heart warming and it has been very well on Youtube since its release. Listen to “Eso Espero” below and look out for KAI’s upcoming debut REAL released by Hakizimana Recordz.

Dad: Daraja Hakizimana
Son: KAI aka ReflectUponThis

Dad & Son formed Hakizimana Recordz for mainly son’s music and for him to manage his own music career and eventually other artists, while still paying respect to his father’s African Name (Daraja Hakizimana) and the music he continues to release under his label My Block Recordz.


“My son’s music & image is totally different than mine, and I think the world will be in for a treat for what he has to offer, once he finishes his High school years and college years. But in the meantime why not show him all I know, set-him up with his own company, and make a little money during his summer years. And who knows what else, depending on where he decides to take his company and music career”

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