EBBQ’s Sizzlin Artist For September – TRAPJXHN

ebbqsizart - trapjxhn - earlybbq

Musically, Baltimore has been known for its infectious brand of club music that surged in the late 1980s, while its most notable act and highest charting song came from Sisqo and his smash hit “Thong Song”. Its contributions to hip-hop has been more akin to what you might expect from a city with a population of a little bit over half of a million. Baltimore has yet to have a breakout figure to fly the cities flag proudly.

If you shine the light on Baltimore’s many new artist like Tate Kobang, YGG Tay, Abdu Ali, and TT The Artist just to name a few you’ll quickly take note of the rapidly changing tide. Another artist is slowly rising through the ranks to making his name known and that name is TRAPJXHN.

Unlike many of his contemporaries TRAPJXHN doesn’t have to choose a side between street and hipster. Lyrics of his current posh lifestyle over production that is a joyride of ambient sounds makes it is easy for Jxhn to straddle the line and cater to both audiences. That is made evident on his recently released project “Dinnertime” with tracks like “Dinnertime (Intro)“, “Prom“, “Weight” and “Like Dat“.

TRAPJXHN is showing no sign of letting up as he is currently working on his upcoming body of work “Live In The Trap 2” that should be seeing the light of day sooner than later.

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