Review: Aeriel’s Sad Girls Club Serves As A Therapy Session For The Songstress With A Bright Future

aeriel - sad girls club - earlybbq

1. Good On Ya

The introduction is by far the most important part of any body of music, just as important as the opening scene to a movie. Aeriel doesn’t waste anytime setting the tone of the EP and welcoming all her listeners to the ‘Sad Girls Club’ as she starts off the project baring all her feelings, good and bad.

2. Be Down

Be Down is the single of “Sad Girls Club” and it sounds exactly the way a single should. From the catchy chorus in which she gets a little bit of inspiration from Miquel songs “Quickie”, to the groovy bass and synth lead production which is true to her California roots, Aeriel was going for a homerun with this one. And then you have the lyrics, Aeriel made sure she did her best work dropping relateable quotables throughout the song.

3. Motion

This is another one that is radio ready, the percussion led production and deep ambient sounds for “Motion” make it perfect for late night cruising through your city or town. The slow sensual song is truly a vibe, and Aeriel paints the picture with her choice of words.

4. 1000

This is an anthem for women that are fed up with the lies, secrets, inconsistancies, and empty apologies that they receive from their mate. Aeriel explains the damages this relationships has caused on her mentally, finding herself questioning her own decision making, self worth, and wonders how she fell for the image of “perfection” that her lover pertrayed knowing that it was an disquise. She eventually comes to senses and realizes the individual in being spoken about in this song just isn’t for her and she can do a lot. The high hat and 808s heavy production gives the song the bounce it needs to balance out the emotion.

5. Selfish

There comes a time where you have to put you and the feelings you have first and that’s what “Selfish” is all about. This song almost feels like a moment of clarity for Aeriel, as if she has figured out what needs to be done and how she needs to do it.

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