Meet Mar Lux, The Rising Artist Who’s Beginning To Sprout In The Garden State

Honestly, when its all said and done only one thing matters; doing what you want to do and Mar Lux is doing just that. The New Jersey rapper is making a name for himself by dropping music that is catching the ears of the masses. We recently had a chance to catch up with Mar and chop it up a bit.

mar lux interview - earlybbq

EBBQ: Most cities usual have an artist that’s shining on a national level that inspires and motivates the next generation talent. Growing up in small towns like Florence and Willingboro i’m sure there wasn’t that one guy who stood out so what sparked your love for hip-hop are who or what are some of your musical influences?

ML: The artist that influenced me the most from the area was Meek Mill but other artists such as Nas, 50 cent, 2pac, and Bow Wow made me love Hip Hop and want to be a part of it.

EBBQ: How did you come up with the name Mar Lux?

ML: My middle name is Jammar and everyone wants to live a life of luxury, so yea I put that together and there’s Mar Lux .

EBBQ: You have a new song out now that’s gaining a lot of buzz called “Pull Up”, how did that song come about?

ML: I came up with “Pull Up” just trying to find a new sound for myself. Xavier Jordan makes his beats a certain way, so the song just came out like that, and after I said the chorus a few times, it stuck. His beats bring that type a music outta of me.

EBBQ: You’re working on a new project, correct? What can listeners expect to hear from you in your upcoming body of work?

ML: Yes, I’m working on a new project that you can expect to drop in the Spring. The tape is really going to give people an experience and show my talent..but still have the catchy anthems like “Pull Up.” You’ll get to look into my art in a more detailed way..

EBBQ: Explain your growth and development as an artist from your debut, FLO-Town to now with the release of The After Party approaching?

ML: Honestly the biggest areas I’ve grown in is trying to understand how the business works more so than just making music and releasing music. I’ve also been upgrading my sound over the years.

EBBQ:How would you describe your music sonically?

ML: I would describe it being full of bass and the instrumentals are hitting hard in these upcoming projects so if they want something there ears can feel, this is it.

EBBQ: Its always good to have a idea and vision of the future so where does Mar Lux see himself in the next five years?

ML: I see myself being a platinum selling artist, touring and opening businesses. Hopefully, I’ll have two or three platinum albums by then.

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