Five Must-Hear Songs From Blue Benjamin Sleepy

Over the last couple of years, Baltimore rapper Blue Benjamin Sleepy has slowly made a name for himself in the rap world and with him releasing his most recent project “When The Smoke Clears”, Sleepy has pushed himself from being a surge of artists from the city of Baltimore to forcing those outside of the region to take notice.

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“BBB (Blue Benjamin Bandhuntas)” w/ Bandhunta Izzy

There’s no way we can have a must-hear list for the Blue Benjamin Boys frontman without speaking on his collaboration in 2016 with Bandhunta Izzy, who recently inked a deal with D1 Entertainment. With the video of the two rising stars exchanging verses like boxers exchange body bending blows gaining over 2 million views, it’s safe to say that this is where Sleepy’s rise started.

“On The Run” w/ Easy

Fans and critics alike complain about the authenticity of the lyrics in rap now and days, and Sleepy prides himself on putting his real life in his music. With over a million views, Sleepy’s video for “On The Run” was actually released while he was on the run from the police for charges he received. Sleepy’s charisma shines bright in the Easy assisted record.

“21 Days”

Last year Sleepy was arrested and it seemed as though he would be derailed from the track he was currently on. Sleepy found a way to turn tragedy into triumph upon as his release as he turned all those feeling of being in jail, reflection on friends lost in the streets and his early years. This is easily one of his most transparent releases to date and was an easy selection for the must-hear list.

“Right Now”

To further capitalize on his growing buzz and popularity, Sleepy unleashed “Right Now”. This is one of my personal favorites and the video is nearly at half of a million views. This is one of those talk heavy tracks that is full of the braggadocious, grittiness that we’ve grown to know and love Sleepy for.

“Stick & Move”

With the video reaching over a hundred thousand views in the span of a few months, “Stick & Move” is one of the many standouts from “When The Smoke Clears” and is the first visual released from the project. It’s clear that Sleepy leveled up from his previous work and is poised to blow in a matter of time.

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