Narjisse Meziani – “Release Me Sweet Goodbye” (Video)

“Release Me Sweet Goodbye” is a song that expresses a true love story whose end was very painful, the role of the Saudi artist Sami with the beautiful actress Gulie Shannon in a very wonderful work and completed the production with producer Tareq Melfi and Five Colors, LLC was his first show on Music Channel on Valentine’s Day, The singer Narjisse Meziani She performed the song in Morocco, a brilliant singer. Watch the video above and leave your comments.

Sami Suleman & Gulie Shannon

Alright Artist Name: Narjisse Meziani
Lyrics & CompositioArrangement,mi
Arrangement , Mix & Master: Ahmed Zaid
Video Maker: Mohammed Kodiji
Song Produced by: Max Team production
by Music You to from United States

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