EarlyBBQ’s Sizzlin Artist For April – Aleana

aleana - sizlartapr - ebbq

A few days ago, I was asked to describe Aleana’s music with one word and I was stuck. Out of the millions of words used to create the english language there wasn’t one that came to mind that could completely sum it up. How could one word possibly describe a woman whose sound is so unique yet soulful? Whose voice gently taps on your pinna not to get your attention then floods your ear canal with lyrics filled with honesty, straight-forwardness, and raw human emotions.

Two months back Aleana released her second project titled “Chapter 22”, the five-track EP takes you on a ride on the emotional rollercoaster that is love, from the beginning butterflies to the broken hearts and damaged goods that come at the end of a romantic relationship. It’s easy to notice the growth of her voice, writing, and development of her sound from her debut Chemical XXI throughout the body of work but shines brightest in “Divine Creature”, “Love Letter” and my personal favorite “Dear Darla” where the frustration of the situation has reached its highest point and disappointment and regret begins to kick in.

Aleana’s simplicity is what sets her apart from her contemporaries, where others try with an abundance of flash and abrasiveness in their vocals or drown their voice effects and plugins, Aleana wins by being her. Get hip to her music she won’t be a hidden gem for much longer.

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