EarlyBBQ’s Sizzlin Artist For December ’18: Bali Baby

Rap has been male dominant since the beginning of its existence with a few female making power moves here and there but over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase of ladies stepping into the game and showing they can play with and play just as hard as the boys. Out of the current crop of female artists making noise in the music world not many of them are quite as loud as the emo-rockstar, crafty flow rap queen that is Bali Baby.

In the span of a year Bali Baby has been outworking most of her female contemporaries to reach her current standing in rap by continuously feeding her fans, followers, and critics. Dropping nine mixtapes and a several video during the time and her fearless attitude to take risk and create something out of the norm has helped her shine. No risk is more evident than her mid 2018 release of her debut album “Baylor Swift”. The ambitious body of work which is just as much punk/indie rock as it hip-hop based showed that Bali is not your ordinary artist and she is viewed as such as she blending a perfect combination of rapping and singing over guitar riffs and glitchy electric music. Shortly after Bali Baby would return to her roots as she unleashed her spooky good body of work “Resurrection”. How fitting of a title it was as many began to believe she would take a hard turn to the pop side of music due to the success of her last project.

If Bali Baby has shown anything in her short but prolific career she’s shown that versatility is key and she is a true chameleon, a musical anomaly and force to respected. We here at EarlyBBQ recognize that’s only a matter of before the promising artist becomes a megastar known in households across the country dominating the charts in multiple genres.

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