EarlyBBQ’s Sizzlin Artist For October ’18: Blue Benjamin Sleepy

Baltimore is long overdue for a hiphop superstar to step to the forefront and represent the city on a major level. Over the years a few artists have had the potential to breakout but couldn’t escape the boundaries whether it be from a lack of interest in the sound and style outside the region or having their time on this planet cut short due to violence in the crime infested city. Blue Benjamin Sleepy is poised to put an end to the trend and put on for his city in a major way.

Blue Benjamin Sleepy made his presence felt when he jumped out on the scene with “On The Run” back in 2016, and followed it up with his collaboration with Bandhunta Izzy titled “BBB” or “Blue Benjamin Bandhunta” which set the city of Baltimore on fire. I doubt if either artist knew it would blow the way it did but it did and Sleepy had everyone checking on him.

Not too long after that Sleepy unleashed his project “When The Smoke Clears“, a seven track EP which hosted bangers like “Personal“, “On The Run 2“, and “Stick & Move“.Even after dropping the previously mentioned body of work Sleepy showed no sign of letting up as he continued his hot streak by dropping loose tracks like “Baghdad Freestyle“, “Right Now“, his collaborations with his crew Blue Benjamin Boys and various feature appearances.

Sleepy has a new song circulating titled “Rockin N Rollin” with the dope visual to match, No telling if this will appear on an upcoming project or if another project is in the works from the Baltimore native but we here at EarlyBBQ are expecting big things from him in the near future.

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