Ebbq's sizzlin' artist

ish williams - sizzlin artist - earlybbq
In an era when countless hip-hop artists are choosing to not use their platform responsibly, Ish Williams is truly a breath of fresh air. Deciding to take the road less traveled by not separating the art from the artist, Ish thoroughly documents his battles with depression and various ups and downs of life throughout his music creating a unique connection with his fans and followers that allow them to truly understand.

Track of the week

savanna cistina - florida boy - earlybbq
The Sunshine State has been getting a lot of attention for the artists that are coming out of its rap scene but that isn't the only genre of music people are checking for. Broward County singer/songwriter Savannah Cristina is making noise of her own unique flavor that is still true to her regional sound. Today, Savannah slides through EarlyBBQ as she drops off her latest release.

video of the week

Kelow LaTesha - "O NAH"